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-====== Warnings & common pitfalls ====== 
-===== Adding other include/lib ===== 
-It is common for Fink/​OpenDarwin or if you compile Avidemux as a simple user. Assuming the extras are in /sw, do 
-<code bash> 
-export CFLAGS="​-I/​sw/​include"​ 
-export LDFLAGS="​-L/​sw/​lib"​ 
-You can add as much as you want. 
-==== Complaints about xvid_2pass2 ==== 
-If you get complaints about xvid_2pass2 (Xvid 2(nbsp)pass),​ it usually means you have both XviD 0.9.x and 1.0.x on your system. Remove all but one, redo a configure and continue. The newer version is recommended. 
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