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 +====== Installing Avidemux on Debian (3.0 and above) ======
 +Have your /​etc/​apt/​sources.list file configured properly with the proper repositories. There is no candidate for Avidemux in the official Debian repositories,​ but Christian Marillat Nerim Unofficial repository should have packages for you.
 +Refer to this website for getting the right repository addresses and options to add to your list: [[http://​​]] (sometimes the url changes, so it is a good idea to track [[http://​​]]).
 +After you have added the appropriate lines to your source file, do from the console (or via whatever GUI program you have for accessing apt with):
 +<​code>​apt-get update ​
 +apt-get install avidemux</​code>​
 +This should install Avidemux on your system if just about the most painless and easy way possible. To start Avidemux, in general the command is either '​avidemux'​ or '​avidemux2'​.
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