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   * [[build:​buildTop|Compiling Avidemux, writing plugins]]   * [[build:​buildTop|Compiling Avidemux, writing plugins]]
   * [[build:​docTop|Using Avidemux]]   * [[build:​docTop|Using Avidemux]]
-  * [[https://​​channel/​UC7ycUgCIuOlChtpiTFfLTmw|Youtube Videos]]+  * [[https://​​channel/​UC7ycUgCIuOlChtpiTFfLTmw|Avidemux ​Youtube Videos]]
   * [[build:​faqTop|Faq]]   * [[build:​faqTop|Faq]]
-===== Using this website ===== 
-This site is a wiki docs site, which basically means that any user can contribute information and content to the articles. However, because of spammers, regular users cannot modify articles anymore. Editing rights can be obtained on request via e-mail or in the [[http://​​smf/​|forum]]. 
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