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Video decoders

Avidemux uses built-in decoders for video decoding, mostly from the libavcodec library from FFmpeg. It does not use any external decoders(nbsp)(ndash) for example, it uses built-in FFmpeg MPEG-4 for video encoded with Xvid, there's no option to use external Xvid decoder. External FFmpeg is not used either.

The table below shows which video formats (specifications) Avidemux supports and which decoders (software implementations) it uses for decoding them.

Format Decoder
DV libavcodec
CRAM libavcodec
FFV1 libavcodec
H.263 libavcodec
H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) libavcodec
HuffYUV libavcodec
MJPEG libavcodec
MPEG-1, MPEG-2 libmpeg2 based decoder or libavcodec
MPEG-4 SP/ASP (encoded e.g. with DivX, Xvid, FFmpeg MPEG-4 etc.) libavcodec
MS MPEG-4 (used in DivX(nbsp);-)(nbsp)3.11 Alpha) libavcodec
Raw RGB internal
Raw YV12 internal
SVQ3/Sorenson Video Codec 3 libavcodec
VP6 libavcodec
WMV2, WMV3 (VC-1), both in ASF and AVI containers libavcodec
Y800 libavcodec
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