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2017-05-01: 2.6.21: win64 build issue

The x265 encoding plugin was broken on win64 and regenerated. No other change.

2017-04-28: 2.6.20: Small BugFixes

* Audio : AAC in mpegTS fix

* Audio : external AAC import fix

* MKV : try to better guess original timestamp

* i18n : Russian and German translation update (TotalCaesar659 / euma

* UI : Filter UI fix

2017-03-29: 2.6.19: General UI polish by euma, better support for HEVC in mpeg TS

* Filter : All filters with preview have better navigation dialogs

* Filter : Delogo filter UI redone

* Filter : Fixed changeFps/resampleFps seeking

* TS/Demux : HEVC support improved

* Flv/Demux : Support large files (rcdrone)

* Audio : Allow EAC3 as external audio track

* UI : General usability cleanup (euma)

* UI : Allow using the last read folder as default save folder (euma)

* UI : 2 pass encoding dialog cleanup (euma)

* UI : Dynamically enable/disable menu (euma)

* UI : Customizable keyboard shortcut (euma)

* UI : Allow reverting page up/down (euma)

* Codec : Better support for 10bits

* i18n : Russian translation updated (TotalCaesar659)

* i18n : Greek translation updated (nikoss)

* i18n : General cleanup (euma)

* Updated ffmpeg libs to 3.0.7

2017-01-06: 2.6.17^H8 : "Exactly worth what you pay for it".

* Preview : Fix auto resize when video has ~ same dimension as screen*

* Preview : Fix multiple preview breaking navigation

* Preview : Fix slider and tooltips (euma)

* Mp4/Mp4v2: Allow E-AC3 (fiftyplus/euma)

2016-12-31: 2.6.16 : BugFixes

* Build : Avidemux can be built with visual c++ 2015 (losing some ASM)

* OsX : Initialize fontconfig so that subtitling works

* Core : Update ffmpeg to 3.0.5

* i18n : Updated fr and ru translations (jean Elchinger/totalcaesar659)

* Build : Improved build scripts (euma)

* x265 : Enforce complicancy with most devices

* vaapi : Add resizer

* UI : Redone UI, revamped contrast filter

* Qt : Dont use too much CPU on playback when there is no audio track

* Qt : Reenabled nvenc + Fixed keyframe detection

* Qt : Fixed a crash when encoding starts very slowly (x265)

* Build : Allow use of system libass, liba52,libmad (euma)

2016-11-19: 2.6.15 : Improved hardware decoding / encoding and usability bugfixes.

Make sure you enable hw accel and use the matching display (dxva2/dxva2 for windows). If you can use the win64 version, it works better.

* Hw Accel : Fixed nvEnc and added simple nvEnc-HEVC (windows/linux)

* Hw Accel : Added support for HEVC/VC1 with libVA (linux)

* Hw Accel : Experimental Dxva2 video decoder + Dxva2/D3D display engine (windows)

* Demux : Mpeg TS, fix non multiple of 16 file management (euma)

* Audio/win32 : Fixed CPU consumption when playing audio

* Editor : Fixed copy /paste /delete /undo (euma)

* Editor : A *lot* of seeking bugs fixed (euma)

* Editor : A *lot* of marker management bugs fixed (euma)

* Audio : Added FDK-AAC as encoder

* x26* : Added a "None" preset

* x265 : Fixed 2 pass encoding on windows

* i18n : Qt4 vs Qt5 language fix (D. Amm)

* i18n : German translation updated (euma)

* UI : Added reload default settings (euma)

* UI : Allow minimizing to tray while encoding (euma)

* OSX : Update to Sierra

2016-09-17: 2.6.14 : Fixing bugs and polishing. For WIN32 only, YOU MUST DEINSTALL THE PREVIOUS VERSION FIRST.


* A lot more is now translatable (D. Amm)

* Hungarian translation (rezso)

* German translation update (euma)

* French translation update

* PT/BR translation partially fixed

* Dannish translation update (scootergrisen)


* Qtx : Automatically check if a new version is available once a day

* WIN32 : Reverted to MXE cross compiler, XP now works again

* OSX : Fixed the packager, it should work every time now (no more borked dmg)


* Decoding : Deal with corrupted stream in a nicer way (H264/TS)

* Decoding : Enable lagarith

* Decoding : Support for flac through libavcodec

* VDPAU : Try harder to release resources at exit

* Demuxer : Image loader improved and cleaned up, more jpeg formats are supported

* Editor : Try to deal better with corrupted audio in copy mode

* TS : Add support for new EAC3 identifier such as the ones used by numericable / DVB-T

* Encoder : Fix most of the libavcodec based encoders

2016-08-25: 2.6.13 : Osx v2

There was a packaging issue with the OsX version, v2 has been uploaded with that fixed. The version reports 2.6.13 xxxxx

2016-08-18: 2.6.13 : Lot of bugfixes and cleanup. There are still some things that need polish but that version should be a nice improvement compared to the previous one.

* [OsX] Toolchain updated

* [Win64] Toolchain updated

* [Linux] AppImage (universal linux64 binaries)

* [Core] Update to libav* 3.0.2

* [Edit] Improved copy mode for h264/h265 video

* [Audio] AAC/ADTS import/export

* [Filter] new video filter : ivtcDupeRemover to remove duplicate after 3:2 pulldown

* [Qt] Revamped refresh screen

* [Filters] ASS/SSA fixes

* [Filters] Improved logo filter with alpha channel

* [Win32] Development files included in installer

* [Filter] ShaderLoader, load your openGL shaders as filters

* [Linux] Compatibility with newer gcc

* [Filter] Partial filter available only for one in/one out video filters

* [UI] Add go fwd/go backward 60 sec buttons

* [i18n] Translations updated

2016-03-05: 2.6.12 : More bugfixes

*[H264] Fixed crash when saving h264 annexB in avi (Brundle)

*[Vdpau] Fixed VDPAU resize and deinterlace when height is padded

*[Mkv] Faster loading of VP9 and h265

*[MP4] Supports more flavors of H265

*[i18n] Spanish translation update by ringmaster

*[Edit] Another frame seeking bug fixed, happened rarely

*[All] Slightly better crash handler

*[FFmpeg]Update to 2.7.6

*[Muxer] Basic webm support

*[Jobs] Fixed right click menus with qt5

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