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auto-enable "smart-copy" and Q-factor=2 when saving new *.avi?

Started by pstein, April 06, 2012, 01:00:12 PM

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When I want to save a new concatenated *.avi then Avidemux prompts me to enable

How can I let Avidemux automatically enable "smart-copy" without prompting the user?

Is there any disadvantage in using "smart copy"?

In the following dialog I am asked for a Q-factor. The default is 4 but the best possible is 2 (as far as I know ???).
Is this correct?

How can I tell Avidemux to always automatically set Q factor=2 and proceed?



AFAIK current releases don't have GUI automation for smart copy.
I am away between 15th of May - 15th of June. (yes, I am playing D3)