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greek translation

Started by nikos_02, January 17, 2014, 09:01:22 PM

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Hallo, after along time I have created an update of the greek translation.

For Avidemux 2.6.7 (and 2.7?) Gtk .

Now... let's if the forum attachments work...


Anyone willing to commit the new translation???


Thanks, i'll commit that soon
The main issue is that the version used is mostly the qt one (the gtk one is severely lagging behind)



You can find the Greek translation for Qt in attachment


Thank you, I'll do my best trying to make the file usable with current Avidemux without speaking (or even reading) Greek. The contributed file is based on a severely outdated version of the translation file (more than 9 months old).

To avoid such double effort, please start translating always with the most current available .ts file (the best thing to do is to generate the translation file using the lrelease tool yourself from the latest git master). The translation files were refreshed 2 months ago and I am going to refresh them again in a couple of days.



Ah! i didn't know that there is a github repository, i will make a PL


Great, it would make probably more sense to regenerate translation files before you start, wouldn't it? Else, if you are already on it, I'll wait. A few days of a delay is not the end of the world.


No i didn't start yet, i will wait the next regeneration of the translations and then i will translate the new file and make the PL


Done, thank you for your patience.