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Joblist missing

Started by WellTell, August 16, 2015, 09:59:02 AM

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Hello, please where can I find a joblist in Avidemux 2.6.10 ? In menu there is only File -> Queue, but I am unable to run the jobs nor see the job list, there is no option for it.

Jan Gruuthuse

Jobs are not in avidemux. Where you have avidemux.exe, you should also find separate program avidemux_jobs.exe.
You only have job(s) when you queued one from within avidemux.
Tip when you add job: exit avidemux_jobs.exe and restart, new job should be there now.


Ok, thank you. In wiki it is said I can find it in Avidemux under the File menu, so that confused me. Anyway, is there a way to delete the jobs from the job list? I saw some topics about problems with deleting jobs and I have the same problem. Even restart doesn't solve it.

Jan Gruuthuse

start avidemux jobs
right mouse click on job you want to do something with.
4 options:
- Delete
- Run now (just run this one)
- Force status to success (don't want to run this one on next run)
- Force status to ready (if you want to run again on next run)

My understanding of these options, could be wrong.