Coming From VDUB to ADM due to MP4 support - Feature Expansion request

Started by pokepud3, March 10, 2017, 07:25:30 am

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So I've been using ADM for a few days now, and really love the easy to use filters especially the denoise/delogo functionality. The x264 is perfect as well.

The only thing that would make it more useful for streaming is expansion of the existing codec FDK-AAC which is supported. I know my post count is low but worth asking regardless.

I use this He-AAC v2 which FDK-AAC support for web streaming do to it's amazing compression abilities. You can go down to 32kb and have high perceivable quality.


HE-AAC version 2

ffmpeg -i input.wav -c:a libfdk_aac -profile:a aac_he_v2 -b:a 32k output.m4a

Another plugin that it works within is QAAC which you guys don't currently support, but considering you support FDK-AAC already if you can add the ability enable he-aac v2 as well as to go down to 16kb, 24kb, 32kb for the audio that would be appreciated. Currently it's capped at 52kbit min, which leaves me using avidemux for video and then using another software that support he-aac v2 for the audio.

So in short:
Allow for He-AAC v2 within FDK AAC
Adjustable Bitrate down to 16kbit, (16, 24, 32kb)
Possibility of changing between Constrained VBR, CBR, or ABR mode if available in existing codec.

Thanks again for the great software.