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What changed btw. 2.6.20 and 2.5.6 versions ?

Started by brodo, June 15, 2017, 11:17:23 AM

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I've always used a 2.5.6 version to encode various videos into a format that a Sony TV will easily accept (Xvid).

Lately, I compiled in linux (using http://slackbuilds.org way) the new version 2.6.20 and the TV says : format not accepted.
I used the same settings as in 2.5.6

What was changed in the new version, that makes the encoding so different for my TV?

Jan Gruuthuse

main difference
- 2.5.6 frame based editor
- 2.6 and higher time based editor (newer codecs x264/265, ...)
If you can upload small video samples +- 100 MB that
- is accepted on your Sony TV (xvid) (2.5.6)
- is not accepted (2.6)


The output of ffprobe or MediaInfo for both working and not working videos might allow at least an educated guess about a possible reason. Providing samples would be better though.


Well, I found the solution.
A quantization type must be set as mpeg and xvid fcc must be used in video codec settings.
Now, the TV accepts the files as always.