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audio drops from 384bps to 64bps when edited

Started by reddwarf4ever, October 17, 2017, 11:13:58 am

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audio drops from 384bps to 64bps when edited

captured some video with replay video capture with 384bps audio the edited MKV video is now only 64 bps

Is there anything i can do settings etc ?




I've noticed this problem happen to me before.

It's an AAC LC - AAC Normal issue it's always had.

As the softwares copy mode relys on AAC Normal only it gives you a approx AAC Normal bitrate from your AAC LC in Copy mode only that it's not 384 (Your format) /529 (Max the AAC Normal format can handle at least according to Audacity) put into your Normal codec but because of any weird surround modes an LC may have when changing it to Normal it puts in in normally 96kbs but in your case 64kbs and sounds rubbish.

When doing LC - Normal until they actually get real LC codec coping added as a feature which it should have already by the way the bestway to fix it is a good old manual into the Normal version of the same kbs as your LC one until real LC coding comes.

Exotic types of AAC like LC came in ever since On Demand video came about as an audio formatfor most of them which is supposted to be improves over AAC original in the compression and sound departments.