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Title: Typographical error: no spaces before punctuation marks
Post by: koyaanisqatsi on January 31, 2014, 11:17:51 AM
Hello everybody!

There is one thing, that annoys me since I use Avidemux: the typographical errors in the German translation. Now I see that these come from the original English strings. In German and English in contrast to French, there are no spaces before question marks, colons and all other punctuation marks.

Wrong: "Are you sure ?" "Job name :"
Correct: "Are you sure?" "Job name:"

Such errors can be found in the whole program. I would appreciate if someone fixes this—it raises the software to a more professional level. When done I would even review the German translation (there are a lot of little mistakes).

And by the way: Is there a bug tracker for Avidemux?