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Title: Is there a debanding filter in Avidemux
Post by: moonwalker7 on June 06, 2018, 05:26:44 AM
sometimes when i want to encode a video i notice the original may have some banding (colour banding)
eg: say a night sky where it goes from dark blue to black or some times you see banding on a flat colour like a wall inside a room where it may be all a similar colour but there is fine or bad banding on it .

so i want to know is there any filters i can use with avidemux that are easy to use to over come this. i know that avisynth thingy has several debanding filters but i find it hard to understand any of it. where i like a GUI where i can see what filters i am applying and able to adjust them as more or less . just like the sharpening filters you have in avidemux i would like a debanding filter . so is there one that will work with avidemux at all.