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User interface and Usability / Re: Visualize audio track
Last post by Elstar` - August 14, 2022, 10:41:18 PM
This feature (with zoom capability) would be useful when fixing A/V sync too.
Windows / Re: Bug: Occasionally Error wh...
Last post by Elstar` - August 14, 2022, 09:37:46 PM
It is confirmed. I guess, a problem on their backend. Fortunately, my browser (Pale Moon) does restore previous form content when using back button...
User interface and Usability / Panning/scrollbars for video
Last post by Elstar` - August 14, 2022, 09:32:56 PM
Is there a way to enable panning with mouse or add some scrollbars when video frame is larger than window? Like in virtualdub2 for example. Would be a great feature, especially when checking for video artifacts.
Windows / VC++ build 220813
Last post by Elstar` - August 14, 2022, 09:13:01 PM
Tested on Win7 x64.

Differences vs mingw build 220720:

* I wondered, why the installer size was bigger by several megabytes than in mingw builds... Well, there's "Uninstall Avidemux VC++ 64bits.exe" using 19MB, I guess, it is not a simple uninstaller but some autoupdate/uninstall utility for developers (it requires login/password and repository), but why use this in public builds?

* There is no sound on error popups, like "cannot go to previous keyframe". Actually, no sound on any popups.

* There is no "MP4v2" muxer... Well, it was bugged anyways.
Main version 2.6 / Re: Navigating Segments in Tin...
Last post by eumagga0x2a - August 14, 2022, 03:00:07 PM
Quote from: TheTooleMan on July 26, 2022, 02:05:14 PMc) I don't re-encode

I meant as the final stage. Performing editing steps and exporting segments in copy mode may complicate the task, triggering cut point checks and eventually making the actual start of the output differ from the provided selection start. Luckily, we don't need to take this complication into account here.

Below a project script which can either serve as a template for a fully-automated processing or be run directly as-is after editing steps have been completed. It will output each segment as a separate video to a target directory selected by the user.

The script has been tested on Linux only. If it doesn't work on Windows, please replace "/" in the argument for with "\\".

#PY  <- Needed to identify #
#--automatically built--

adm = Avidemux()

# Populate the part below based on the project script
# exported once editing is finished.
# Audio-related commands may be completely omitted if
# there are no special wishes like track language etc.
# Alternatively, load a video, perform editing, select
# encoder etc, then run this script.
# ---------------------------------------------------
# if not adm.loadVideo("/path/to/video"):
#    raise("Cannot load /path/to/video")
#if adm.audioTotalTracksCount() <= 0:
#    raise("Cannot add audio track 0, total tracks: " + str(adm.audioTotalTracksCount()))
#adm.audioCodec(0, "copy")
#adm.audioSetShift(0, 0, 0)
#adm.addSegment(0, 17304033, 368451423)
#adm.addSegment(0, 427030022, 463262800)
#adm.addSegment(0, 1050285989, 443860078)
#adm.addSegment(0, 1639324433, 362645623)
#adm.addSegment(0, 2185019589, 416582833)
#adm.addSegment(0, 2657341433, 392925867)
#adm.addSegment(0, 3180330567, 406038966)
#adm.addSegment(0, 3640990767, 450733622)
#adm.addSegment(0, 4162027956, 438438000)
#adm.addSegment(0, 4820585856, 475007866)
#adm.addSegment(0, 5435850500, 446796356)
#adm.addSegment(0, 6110891533, 454287167)
#adm.addSegment(0, 6695542267, 481264122)

#adm.videoCodec("x265", "useAdvancedConfiguration=True", "general.params=AQ=21", "general.poolThreads=99", "general.frameThreads=0", "general.output_bit_depth=0", "general.preset=medium", "general.tuning=animation", "general.profile=main"
#    , "level=-1", "vui.sar_idc=1", "vui.sar_height=1", "vui.sar_width=1", "vui.color_primaries=1", "vui.transfer_characteristics=1", "vui.matrix_coeffs=1", "MaxRefFrames=5", "MinIdr=60", "MaxIdr=600", "i_scenecut_threshold=40"
#    , "MaxBFrame=5", "i_bframe_adaptive=2", "i_bframe_bias=0", "i_bframe_pyramid=1", "b_deblocking_filter=True", "b_open_gop=False", "interlaced_mode=0", "constrained_intra=False", "b_intra=True", "lookahead=40"
#    , "weighted_pred=2", "weighted_bipred=True", "rect_inter=False", "amp_inter=False", "limit_modes=False", "cb_chroma_offset=0", "cr_chroma_offset=0", "me_method=3", "me_range=32", "subpel_refine=6", "limit_refs=3"
#    , "rd_level=1", "psy_rd=0.400000", "rdoq_level=0", "psy_rdoq=0.000000", "fast_pskip=True", "dct_decimate=True", "noise_reduction_intra=0", "noise_reduction_inter=0", "strong_intra_smoothing=False", "ratecontrol.rc_method=0"
#    , "ratecontrol.qp_constant=0", "ratecontrol.qp_step=4", "ratecontrol.bitrate=0", "ratecontrol.vbv_max_bitrate=0", "ratecontrol.vbv_buffer_size=0", "ratecontrol.vbv_buffer_init=1", "ratecontrol.ip_factor=1.400000"
#    , "ratecontrol.pb_factor=1.300000", "ratecontrol.aq_mode=2", "ratecontrol.aq_strength=0.600000", "ratecontrol.cu_tree=True", "ratecontrol.strict_cbr=False")
# ---------------------------------------------------
# Replace muxer name and configuration below if desired so.
# In this case, please adjust the filename extension (ext).
adm.setContainer("MKV", "forceAspectRatio=False", "displayWidth=1280", "displayAspectRatio=2", "addColourInfo=False", "colMatrixCoeff=2", "colRange=0", "colTransfer=2", "colPrimaries=2")
ext = "mkv"

Counter = 0
mark1 = 0
mark2 = 0

nbSeg = ed.nbSegments()

if not nbSeg:
    gui.displayError("Error", "No video loaded, nothing to do, bye")

if nbSeg > 100:
    gui.displayInfo("Warning", "Maximum of 100 segments supported, but got " + str(nbSeg))
    nbSeg = 100

filename = ed.getRefVideoName(0)
if filename is None:
    gui.displayError("Error", "Cannot obtain reference video filename")

filename = (splitext(filename))[0]
filename = basename(filename)

if filename is None:
    gui.displayError("Error", "Cannot obtain input basename")

# Replace gui.dirSelect() below with output directory path for unattended operation.
outdir = gui.dirSelect("Select output folder")
if outdir is None:
    gui.displayInfo("Warning", "No output folder selected, cannot proceed")

leadingZero = ""

for segmentIdx in range(nbSeg):
    mark2 += ed.getDurationForSegment(segmentIdx)
    if segmentIdx < 10:
        leadingZero = "0"
    adm.markerA = mark1
    adm.markerB = mark2
    Counter += + "/" + filename + "-segment-" + leadingZero + str(segmentIdx) + "." + ext)
    mark1 = mark2

gui.displayInfo("Finished", str(Counter) + " files out of " + str(nbSeg) + " segments converted")
Avidemux-French / Re: accélération vidéo par dro...
Last post by moment magnetique - August 14, 2022, 06:40:39 AM


la solution est en fait  d'utiliser  avidemux et ffmpeg . L'idée est la suivante , je fais de longues  balades en vélo  enregistrée par une caméra  . Il y a des parties sans intérêts qui sont accélérées  , et des parties avec obstacles qui doivent être à vitesse normale .

avec avidemux je découpe et je recolle  les différentes parties ( video_01 ,... ) + redimensionnement+ ajout texte

 avec ffmpeg j'accélére les parties sans intérêts .
ffmpeg -i video_n.mp4 -filter_complex  "[0:v]setpts=0.1*PTS[v];[0:a]atempo=10[a]" -map "[v]" -map "[a]"    modif/video_n.mp4

dans la ligne ffmpeg il y a le son qui est aussi accéléré ce qui permet de l'avoir  quand je recolle tous les morceaux avec avidemux.

Windows / Re: Bug: Occasionally Error wh...
Last post by thoste - August 13, 2022, 07:23:34 AM
Hmmm, millions of other forums are able to filter out Spam successfully - without such messy errors.

I suggest to change the blacklist/anti-spam provider
Main version 2.6 / Re: Decimate - wrong sub-text
Last post by Strunz - August 13, 2022, 07:02:02 AM
One question left. After I did a full reencode with Decimate, is there a filter anywhere, which can recreate the video with the actual new framerate, without introducing new frames or removing frames, and synced audio? Lets say the removed (doubled) frames where somewhat distributed evenly in the original file.
If not, there is not much won if I used Decimate in the first place. At least my experience was still juddering...
User interface and Usability / Re: Visualize audio track
Last post by decimalturn - August 13, 2022, 04:25:16 AM
This would be particularly useful for long videos.
I second this feature suggestion.
Windows / Re: Current version for Window...
Last post by eumagga0x2a - August 12, 2022, 07:49:47 AM
Yes, that one for now.
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