How to code "set audio filter/mixer/ to stereo" in command line batch

Started by zemanepic, March 09, 2012, 01:26:10 pm

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Have been using the following command line file to convert avi xvid/mp3 to mkv h264/mp3 with fantastic results:

set avidemux="C:\Program Files\Avidemux 2.5\avidemux2.exe"
set videocodec="x264"
set audiocodec="MP3"
set audiobitrate=64
for %%f in (*.avi) do %avidemux% --load "%%f" --video-codec %videocodec% --audio-codec %audiocodec% --audio-bitrate %audiobitrate% --force-alt-h264 --output-format MATROSKA --save "%%f.mkv" --quit 

Now i am having some xvid /ac3 with 3 and 5 channels.

Can somebody please help me to set the audio filter mixer to stereo, in order to convert these new files?

Thank you very much.



AFAIK there isn't direct command-line option for that. But you can create a .js script file for that.
I am away between 15th of May - 15th of June. (yes, I am playing D3)