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AviDemux3 (2.6) for Mac OS Lion

Started by PevySue, May 02, 2012, 05:00:31 AM

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Let me start by saying, I am a complete moron when it comes to this technical stuff.

I love AviDemux and want to continue to use it with Lion.

I want to upgrade from AviDemux2 (2.5.4) to AviDemux3 (2.6) or later?

I have read through some of the Forum threads on How To Build AviDemux3 (2.6.)

To put simply, I cannot do it. I feel as though I may need some kind of College degree to be able to build this program (I'm sure I don't, but that's how I feel.) It's completely out of my league.

I'm curious about whether or not there is some genius out there that will build the most recent version of AviDemux for Mac OS Lion, have it be 100% compatible, 100% functional with no bugs and make it available to the public as a simple and downloadable Binary file?

I love this piece software but just lately I've found that it has brought me more frustration then happiness.

If any of the developers want or need donations I am very VERY willing to help out. Even if we had to buy this software from now on, I will!

Thanks :-)

Jan Gruuthuse

Not sure on 2.6 status and building on Mac. This is still considered: very experimental (beta) even on other platforms.
Did you try installing the latest 2.5 with homebrew? See this post by nibbles: 2.5 accepted into Homebrew
If you tell what you did try and where it did go wrong. Forum members may be able to help you out with this. And maybe even put you on the road with 2.6? Can't make promises.


Avidemux 2.6 is under development as Jan mentioned, and it will change rapidly.  It is one of the most complex programs I've encountered, which unfortunately makes it hard for non-technical people like yourself.  The are three main problems that have stopped there being a binary file you can download and install:  1) the guy who used to do that, surfer, has gone afk for a while; 2) time; 3) The main developer named Mean does not have a Mac.  Some people are good a tech stuff, other people are good at raising funds or finding used hardware.  If you are the latter, I am certain that a used MacBook Pro would go a long way to getting us binaries again.  Even if it took you a year, it would be all the difference.  So that's just a thought.  During that time, I will continue to learn more about packaging for Macs, but it's not a priority because 2.6 is not really ready for that.

You mentioned you have 2.5.4.  The current version is 2.5.6, but there are a lot of important Apple fixes that will appear in 2.5.7.  When that lands, I will try to bundle that up for people, but that is the old version that is essentially mothballed in favor of 2.6 due to it's design being mediocre for todays modern video formats (audio gets out of synch with video for example).  Because 2.6 is the new great thing but it's only halfway finished, we are at a point where there isn't something bug free and 100% working for you.  Most people have both 2.5.6+ and 2.6 installed, and they use the one that works for the job they are doing.  Almost forgot to mention, there are 2.6 binaries available for Windows if you have a spare PC around.  That might work for you.

Feel free to send Mean a private message if you'd like to donate. 


There's a Bash script to compile & install Avidemux 2.6 (SVN revision 7891) on Mac OS X 10.6.8 that may work on Mac OS 10.7 Lion as well.

It builds almost all required dependencies via the MacPorts system.



Another way to use Avidemux 2.6 with Mac OS Lion, is setting up a virtual machine with Oracle Virtual Box e.g. So I use a Windows XP Home virtual machine with Avidemux 2.6.

So I can cut commercials in HDTV transport streams (h.264) without recoding.

Perhaps I will give the bash script from verdo a chance, but I miss some explanation.

Cu, Timor