Option to disable "lose frame rate accuracy" pop-up

Started by p00wp, June 03, 2012, 10:28:17 PM

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since I often open up FLV / MP4, I get a notification like this every time (something like "Avidemux can open this file in another mode, which is stable, but YOU WILL LOSE FRAME ACCURACY") and I'd like an option to "Always use stable mode when opening files" so I don't have to click on that pop-up over and over again.


Jan Gruuthuse

Think you can do this when you add this command line switch when you start avidemux:
from command line;
avidemux --force-alt-h264
or in the shortcut properties of avidemux
right click on avidemux icon
select properties
look for target box
left click at end of that line, after avidemux.exe
press space and type the switch --force-alt-h264
Should look like this when finisched:
C:\Users\Jan\AppData\Local\Avidemux\avidemux.exe --force-alt-h264
your path would be different

right click on avidemux shortcut in Basic tab
change command to
/usr/bin/avidemux3_qt4 --force-alt-h264

or start from teminal
avidemux3_qt4 --force-alt-h264
command line switches/url]



yes, this works, but only on the first loaded file. If I try to load another file, the pop-up reappears.


You don't get this message using Avidemux 2.6 (which is recommended for h.264 encoded MP4 or FLV video anyway).


Jan Gruuthuse

It should run and do the job, some features are not implemented, it is a work in progress.