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My whine, whine whine

Started by higonnet, August 15, 2012, 08:29:17 pm

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I really like the description of this thread since I can whine without feeling guilty.

I have tried avidemux many, many times, and have always had trouble, usually with the sound.

Yet my 'demands' are really quite trivial. I want to trim the beginning and end of films recorded off my television (for those readers in France, from a "freebox"). I don't want to transcode it, I don't want to change codecs, I don't want to fix the frazzle, I don't want to to change the sampling rate, I just want to trim it.

I have tried avidemux under Windows XP (I think) and 7 (most recently today), and FreeBSD. Usually, the sound lost synchronization with the picture. Today, under Windows 7, I lost all sound and a film 1:32:00 long ended up as 45:00 without the sound.

I sort of (sic) suppose avidemux works for most people, otherwise the software wouldn't exist, and this forum wouldn't exist. I do understand that I am doing something wrong. However there is a certain virtue to software that is easy to use when the requested task is simple and the user is inexperienced...

Jan Gruuthuse

Something fishy going in with windows.
I'm now using over a year ubuntu and the 4 month avidemux 2.6, doing exactly the same thing you're doing. Cutting mpeg-ts recordings on average 20 GB/day.
Have a go with ubuntu 12.04 LTS (5 year support) and avidemux 2.6. If your machine has 64-bit cpu: avidemux Cli/QT/GTK 2.6 64-bit deb download ubuntu 12.04 LTS
If you have a spare (external) hard disk, try it on there, stick would work to but slower.


I would like to be able to use avidemux, but not enough to change over to a new operating system (two are plenty enough for me right now)!

I have not had any success with FreeBSD either.............................

Bernard Higonnet

Jan Gruuthuse

If on 64-bit Windows try the 32-bit version if 64-bit is not working as expected.
If on 2.5.6 try alternative 2.5.6-1 (7716)
Try 2.6 from here if you not already done so: http://avidemux.razorbyte.com.au/
If working with 2.6, it is important to make the cuts on frames selected with up/down keyboard arrow.
Load video, mark block to cut:
  • select marker [A] at frame selected with up/down arrow only!
  • select marker [B] at frame selected with up/down arrow only!
From keyboard press simultaneous [Ctrl][x], block should be removed.
Proceed to next block and repeat as above.
When finished save to new video, check if audio is still there. (fastest way dump video on audacity)
Eventually use the newly created video with copy for both video and audio to transfer content in new container format.


I rather think I'm cursed as far as avidemux is concerned.

I cannot select A and B with up/down arrows (whether video is playing or stopped).

Even when I'm just playing a file, sound gets desynchronized... I then tried to fiddle with Audio output shift, but that has been disabled.

Think I'm going to give up...

Thanks for trying though
Bernard Higonnet


Déja si tu n'as pas de pub à couper au milieu je te déconseille le Ctrl-X, place juste tes marqueurs A et B. Le clavier curieusement ne marche que si 'on a d'abord cliqué sur le bouton de défilement de la video, ça l'"active"). Sinon tu as toujours les flèches << et >> (toujours sur des images I  bien-sûr).
Si la copie s'arrête avant la fin, c'est généralement un bug dans le flux de source. Enfin si tu as juste un décalage de synchro, remux avec mkvtoolnix en précisant ton décalage, car Avidemux 2.6 ne sait pas encore le faire (à mon grand regret également).
Si ça marche toujours pas il faut poster un échantillon sur le forum pour qu'un développeur jette un coup d'oeil dessus (et poste aussi les propriétés données par Mediainfo, dès fois que quelq'un y trouve un truc louche ;) ).