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Strange results of hardcoded VobSub into 1080p MKV

Started by blindanwender, September 02, 2012, 11:31:09 PM

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After add clean VobSub File with VobSub Filter into 1080p ACV *.mkv to hardcode the subtitle into the picture, I get some really strange results:

(Sorry for german language, but I think the problem is visible)

Any idea to solve that?

Jan Gruuthuse

Try to avoid hardcoding subtitles in to video at all time. Specially when subtitles .srt should work with samsung flatscreen TV's.
Try this demo (23 MB) uploaded @
Download, unpack, and copy both files to USB Stick/harddisk and put it on the samsung usb port while TV is playing.

Could be several reasons why this went wrong: position of subtitles, font, order of applied filters, the weird video size: 1 808 x 1 080 Pixel (should be 1920 Ãâ€" 1080). Re-encoding of V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC on avidemux 2.5.6, ... . Avidemux 2.6 currently only works with ass/ssa subtitles


Thanks for the answer, Jan,

- I know that any kind of subtitle doesn't work on my Samsung TV (LE32D), at least there are no MKV subtitles support, no problem with AVI. So I have to add the subtitle forced on the picture.

Thanks for you tip with the ASS/SSA subtitles, I convert the sutitle into ASS and hardcode it now into the picture - and, its works!  :) :)

Jan Gruuthuse

Glad ASS/SSA is a solution for you.
Have you tried the files I uploaded? These are tested on LE40B650 and UE40B8090 (B=2009 model), Older than 32D (2011 model).
MKV + srt external should work, MKV with internal subtitles is not working here.
Samsung LE32D550 using DLNA and subtitles external youtube:
Your manual should tell if there is video support and what subtitles would be supported?
on 32D450 these should work:
Unterstützte Formate für Untertitel
NAME    Dateinamenserweiterung Format
MPEG-4 Text mit Zeitverlauf .ttxt XML
SAMI                        .smi HTML
SubRip                      .srt Stringbasiert
SubViewer                   .sub Stringbasiert
Micro DVD                   .sub oder .txt Stringbasiert


Hey Jan,

damn, it works!  :)

I never notice that *.srt Files are supported. Tested some *.idx/*.sub files too: those doesnt work.

Anyway - the standard samsung style isn't so nice for me, even for such a creepy film as "TURIN HORSE", like in that chase the edged Arial Font with some background shadow, anyway Avidemux is running since 2 hours.

Thank you, in the future I will convert the subtitles into *.srt and don't have to hardcode them.  ;D

Jan Gruuthuse