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No video output, but video is searchable and editable

Started by billybobyhj, October 26, 2012, 02:26:00 am

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I'm trying to extract a clip from a .mkv file, but when I save the file (with various video output options), the video either comes up blank or not at all and just saves the audio. Any advice?


Jan Gruuthuse

Try first getting content you want from mkv container (box) in to container you wan to use. Copy for both Video and Audio, just select Output Format (box).
Take from there. For testing mark 1 minute with A and B markers. Select A and B only with keyboard arrows up and down.
If you get still problems.
Used avidemux version? 32/64-bit? Windows version? 32/64-bit?
Details of used codecs (video/audio) in .mkv container?
What container are you using output and video/audio codec.
Try basic default settings and step by step take it where you want to get. Keep notes on what you're trying out. Change 1 setting @ a time and test it out.
Check documentation: Avidemux wiki documentation