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r8319 still have all these bugs from the previous builds

Started by Killer 69, December 27, 2012, 06:00:07 pm

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Killer 69

r8319 beta 2.6, Windows 32-bit on XP SP3. Opened 1.11GB MOV, H264, 1280*720, 1:1, 29.970 fps, Total diration 00:06:30:323, All extra Video Proprties: No, Audio: PCM, Stereo, 192000 Bps / 1536 kbps, 48000 Hz, Total duration 00:06:30:242.

Several things noticed:
- video and audio length reported differently, bug or really like that? Video taken with Canon snapshot camera
- When creating Fade In for video to the beginning, end result is full color first screen (on the preview at least), then total black at 00:00:00,033 and after that picture fades in, as expected, when clicking "Next". If I try to move just slider, picture does not fade on on the preview, it stays full color at all times.
- When trying to create fade Out to the end, it works except that also the very last frame is again at full color, not black.
- When video is on the beginning and I try to move still to the left, I get error box, where I can click OK but that is endless loop, message just keeps coming back. Same thing at the end
- When opening application log, it crashes AviDemux everytime

Killer 69

December 28, 2012, 12:34:27 pm #2 Last Edit: December 28, 2012, 01:07:40 pm by Killer 69
Hi. Just downloaded r8324, here are the results for the same video
- Now audio total duration is reported to be 00:03:14:652, probably should be same as video duration 00:06:30:323
- Fade In on the beginning of the video has still the same problems.
- Fade Out added at the same time to the end of file. When "Fade In" selected on the list, "Fade Out" effect defined at the end of file did not seem to show at all on the preview. When "Fade Out" filter was selected on the list, AviDemux just crashed, when I tried to open Preview. Crash log included. Apparently only one "Fade" effect can be added, if there are two different Fade efffects, preview crashed Avidemux immediately. Tried also by defining first the fade out to the end and then fade in to the beginning.
- On the preview window the slider is only half of the length of the whole preview window, still includes the whole video timeframe though
- When adding only Fade Out to the end of video, it goes to black (last black screen on the preview at 00:06:30:256), as expected but then again the last frame is at full color at 00:06:30:289. Also effect can be seen only by clicking always "Next", moving the slider does not show the effect at all.
- Avidemux does not start after the crash, had to delete whole avidemux folder under c:\documents and settings\<user>\application data to fix the problem. Window just briefly appears and then disappears.
- When trying to move to left at the beginning or to the right at the end of video with the Jog/shuttle, it pops "Info" window with the error message  "Cannot go to previous keyframe" or "Cannot go to next keyframe". Unnecessary message but even worse, you can't get rid of it. Clicking OK just brings the same message immediately back endlessly. admlog2.txt and crash2.py attached


Jan Gruuthuse

You can't start a fade exactly at begin of video clip, or end at last frame. Very basic explanation: 2.6 is not a frame based editor, so not all frames can't be used.
For applying perfect fade at beginning of clip you should still have video content before the keyframe where you want to start the fade. And start fade at keyframe be fore the keyframe you want to cut as start of video clip.

The preview filter in fade is not working. The fade preview works in player preview, switch between input/output video with these:
If I remember correctly when mean enabled back the fade in 2.6, it would not be perfect: time <> frame based.

Applying 2 simultaneous fades causes indeed a crash: tested with arteHD.ts and re-encoding x264/xvid:
*********** BACKTRACK **************
/usr/lib/libADM_core6.so(ADM_backTrack+0x5c) [0x7f2976098f9c]:0:<ADM_backTrack>:-2
/usr/lib/libADM_coreVideoFilter6.so(_ZN10VideoCache12getImageBaseEj+0xf2) [0x7f2974770e42]:1:<VideoCache::getImageBase(unsigned int)>:0
/usr/lib/libADM_coreVideoFilter6.so(_ZN10VideoCache10getImageAsE12ADM_HW_IMAGEj+0x17) [0x7f2974770eb7]:2:<VideoCache::getImageAs(ADM_HW_IMAGE, unsigned int)>:0
/usr/lib/ADM_plugins6/videoFilters/libADM_vf_fadeToBlack.so(_ZN9AVDM_Fade12getNextFrameEPjP8ADMImage+0x39) [0x7f2940cbb589]:3:<AVDM_Fade::getNextFrame(unsigned int*, ADMImage*)>:0
/usr/bin/avidemux3_qt4(_ZN20ADM_videoFilterQueue9runActionEv+0xb3) [0x460a73]:4:<ADM_videoFilterQueue::runAction()>:0
/usr/lib/libADM_coreUtils6.so(_ZN15ADM_threadQueue3runEv+0x11) [0x7f2974d9c211]:5:<ADM_threadQueue::run()>:0
/usr/lib/libADM_coreUtils6.so(+0x17229) [0x7f2974d9c229]:6:<>:-2
/usr/lib/nvidia-current/libGL.so.1(+0xaa764) [0x7f2972b00764]:7:<>:-2
*********** BACKTRACK **************