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Save audio question?

Started by taglife, February 12, 2013, 03:09:54 pm

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I use Avidemux 2.6.1 for a FLV: Audio > Save audio
No extension...?!

Source is a FLV (AVC_x264 + AAC), so audio be .aac
But use MediaInfo 0.7.61 no info...?!

Can not be played in Windows Media Player 9.0...?!

Can play in TTPlayer(åÆ'åÆ'éâ,,¢Ã¥ÂÂ¬) 5.7.
But does not show the number of seconds can not fast-forward...?!


Jan Gruuthuse

Can't read Chinese, so player site is not a big help. Upload small sample of .flv video +- 5 seconds to rapidshare.com or similar web service and provide a downlink to it. (make sure the download is publicly available)


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Oh! It is .mp4,
the same...
kartrider_test.mp4 (3.6MB)


QuoteSource is a FLV (AVC_x264 + AAC), so audio be .aac

Usually AAC is not in raw format but is packed into in a MPEG-4 container (m4a, mp4). Only a few players are able to play raw AAC.

Unfortunately many libav based GUI software cannot export AAC into an appropriate container, at least in my experience. But you can use commandline ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -i input-movie.mp4 -c:a copy -strict experimental -vn -threads 8 -y output-audio.m4a