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Avidemux2_cli batch stoped working

Started by zemanepic, January 30, 2013, 01:10:03 pm

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Have many simple conversion batch files using avidemux2 and avidemux2_cli (2.5)

After moving to Win 7 / 64 the _cli versions do not start anymore.  The gui versions work fine.

Any help?

Jan Gruuthuse

Check folder where GUI exe is installed and see if avidemux_cli.exe is present. If not try last 32-bit version, could be 64-bit windows is currently broken?


Avidemux_cli.exe is not there.

Avidemux is in program files folder.

Can i have 32 and 64 bits instaled at the same time as 32 bits would be in program files(x86) folder or have to uninstall 64 bits version?

Ty for your help.


Avidemux 32 can coexist with 64 in the same system.

Cli batch files working fine now.

Thank you for your help.


Jan Gruuthuse