List the append sequence and change the order after dragging possible?

Started by pstein, April 16, 2012, 11:04:06 am

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Assume I mark a couple/many *.avi files in WinExplorer.
Then I drag all these marked files onto Avidemux.
Avidemux appends them now: But in which sequence?

Is it in alphabetically order of filenames? Or in the order in which I clicked/marked them before?

Can I somehow list the current append sequence?
And even better: Can I change the append sequence inside Avidemux AFTER dragging them ?

I prefer NOT to drag them individually step-by-step from WinExplorer onto Avidemux.


Jan Gruuthuse

Depends also how you select the files before you drag and drop? Selecting top to bottom or bottom to top? IIRC correctly from early windows days. Some part is not under control of avidemux when drag and drop is used. As it is windows that passes the files on as selected.


Ok, the questions are still open:

Can I list INSIDE AVidemux the current order?

Can I change inside Avidemux the current append order?


Does anyone have an answer to this ?
It seems to be a bug.
Should I report it somewhere else ?

The experiment I tried, gives me a result that doesn't have any obvious logic to me.
Here are the details:

I took three video clips, all of the same type (transfered with the same computer and settings from the same camera in sequence).
In the file browser, I selected them, and dragged them into an empty newly open Avidemux window, and then I reviewed the order in which they appear in Avidemux.
I did this twice:
The first time, selecting in this order: clip 1, then clip 2, then clip 3.
The second time, selecting in this order: clip 3, then clip 2, then clip 1.
The result on the first case was: clip 2, then clip 3, then clip 1.
The result on the second case was: clip 3, then clip 1, then clip 2.

I chose them so that:
The file time stamp of clip 1 is earlier than the one of clip 2. and the one of clip 2 is earlier than the one of clip 3.
When ordering in alphabetical order, they are also in this order: clip 1, then clip 2, and then clip 3.

The file size was roughly: 45MB for clip 1, 74MB for clip 2, and 67MB for clip 3.


I'ts not a bug.
There is nothing that defines or ties the order, so windows simply arranges in the order of finding them.
End of story.