Author Topic: I'm having trouble saving a .png slideshow as a .mp4  (Read 1780 times)


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I'm having trouble saving a .png slideshow as a .mp4
« on: April 07, 2013, 03:35:31 PM »
I'm running a windows xp, home edition- hence the need for avidemux.

The scenario:
I have a series of .png files, named appropriately. I want to turn them into a series of animations, to then be appended together into one entire sequence.

Steps taken thus far:
    Attempting to animate the first sequence I-
  • Opened the first .png in the sequence. The rest of the .png files in the sequence are automatically appended.
  • Saved the sequence-
    • Video output >Mpeg4 APS(ff)
    • Audio output > copy (note: there is no audio)
    • Output Format> AVI Mux> AVI
    • Save As> test.
The sequence cannot be opened by quicktime.

  • Googling, there were many suggestions to use Video output >Mpeg4...(x256)(?).
    • Trying this configuration I would always get a "bitrate too low" error and I could never save the file.
    • By another suggestion, I did  complete uninstall (revo uninstall) and reinstall from here:
  • There was another suggestion to go to Video drop down menu to change the frame rate, but there is no option for that.
The screen shot of whats under my Video drop down menu.