Author Topic: Problem on windows, Nightly build etc..  (Read 2267 times)


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Problem on windows, Nightly build etc..
« on: April 15, 2013, 04:11:32 PM »
A short post to explain the problems on windows, more specifically 32 bits

Recently, 2 issues have been met, most specifically on win32 :

- Up to now on linux, avidemux was overloading the global memory allocation system. Mainly to make sure that the memory was 16 bytes aligned, which is needed for SSE/SSE2.... So no need to worry about alignment, it was always aligned. That global overloading simply does not work on windows. On 64 bits system, the memory is always correctly aligned.

- There are 2 ways of dealing with exceptions on windows : set jump - long jump and dw2. The Qt4 bundled with avidemux was using dw2, most of avidemux code was
using sljs. They do not mix. So for example if libmp4v2  throws an exception => immediate crash

The 2nd part is fixed as the Qt4 used nowadays has been rebuilt from source using sljs (nowadays means nightlies)

The 1st problem is being fixed once piece at a time. It will globally work better and better on 32 bits system, with some temporary side effect on 64 bits systems.

If you want to try the nightly build, make sure to unzip it in a separate folder (i.e. not the folder where you have the version that mostly works for you)
You can have as many avidemux nightly as you want + one version through the installer.