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Swapping audio files with ver 2.63

Started by photonak, April 16, 2013, 08:15:24 pm

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Hi All,

Used to be able to save audio, xcode to lower bit rate and replace it into the avi without recoding the video. 
How do I do it now with ver 2.63?  Seems I can add another track, but not replace.
Either something's missing or not working.  Please humor me and tell me step by step, assuming I have
an audio file ready to replace the existing inside avi.


Jan Gruuthuse

with avidemux3_qt:
Main menu: Audio: Select Track
[(x) Audio Tracks Configuration]
Track 1 [v] [ Track 0 from video ( .........kbps)                                               ] <- click here up/down arrow and select:
Track 1 [v] [ ....           Add audio track                                                         ] browse to audio track that replaces current audio track, press OK, leave other options, press OK
play video and check if audio track was replaced. Save video, thats it.