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r8604 bugs

Started by Killer 69, April 22, 2013, 11:46:42 am

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Killer 69

r8604 beta 2.6.3, Windows 32-bit on XP SP3. Opened 1.11GB MOV, H264, 1280*720, 1:1, 29.970 fps, Total duration 00:06:30:323, All extra Video Proprties: No, Audio: PCM, Stereo, 192000 Bps / 1536 kbps, 48000 Hz, Total duration 00:03:14:652.

Several things noticed:
- Audio length still reported incorrectly, look at above data from "Information". Video taken with Canon snapshot camera
- Audio distorted already before any operations done, no problems, when playing with QuickTime or VLC Media Player
- On the beginning of the video moving left with the "jogger" or ">>" generates unnecessary error box, where I can click OK. After that error is not shown anymore but jogger won't return to middle, before I click it again. Same thing at the end, if I try to move to right. Error message is not needed at all and anyway jogger should return automatically to the middle.
- When adding Fade In in the beginning, that seems to work but adding also Fade Out at the end at the same time doesn't seem to do anything on the preview. Works on the final video anyway.
- On the Preview window slide has first length of the whole window but right after moving slider it gets shorter, about half of the window.