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Rotated video

Started by ailurophile, May 09, 2013, 12:05:53 AM

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I shot video with my Galaxy S III horizontally with the front-facing camera. After searching this forum, I found out how to rotate the video (why not put a Rotate button on the menu bar?). I rotated vertically, and I rotated horizontally (two separate actions, not both to the same clip). When I previewed the rotated video, it looked great. But when I went back to the raw clip, nothing had changed. I even saved the rotated clip under a new file name. When I try to open the new clip in Avidemux, Avidemux crashes. Windows Media Player crashes. The video won't play in Winamp or Real Player. I also changed the file extension to .avi (since that's the format I used to rotate the clip). The file wouldn't open in any of the above programs. Please help.
I'm using Avidemux 2.6, 32-bit, on a month-old Windows 8 64-bit machine.

Jan Gruuthuse

Changing the extension like in renaming the filename is not good.
If you used 2.6 you should try with 2.6.3 r 8691. These can be found here:
Unpack with 7zip and replace the content where you have avidemux installed.
It then depends a lot how you did re encode the video used codec and container format?
don't use avi container for output, has its limitations, probably the best way to go is using:
Video Output: Mpeg4 AVC (x264)
Output format: Mkv Muxer
see if this get you any further? Can you then load and play each new video?
If you then load video part 1 and append video part 2 and save this as video 3 with Output format: Mkv Muxer with copy for both Video and Audio Output, can you play the new video 3.mkv?