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Virus and false positive

Started by 4Z@Z, May 11, 2013, 02:32:36 PM

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Thanks for Avidemux.
I just downloaded Avidemux 2.6.4 and gived it to VirusTotal.
Some softwares found viruses:

Jan Gruuthuse

That is what is called a false positive, was it really necessary to post a big screen shot like this. You're free not use avidemux.
QuoteFalse positives

Very often antivirus solutions and URL scanners will produce false positives, i.e. detect as malicious inoquous files and URLs. These erroneous detections may severely hinder the business activity/popularity of third party products (e.g. refrain access to a given site, disuade users from downloading and installing a given application, etc.).

VirusTotal simply acts as an information aggregator and cannot and will not be held responsible for these false positives. VirusTotal will not whitelist any files or URLs and will not remove any detections resulting from the normal operation of the products it makes use off. False positives should be dealt with the developer/company that offers the product generating the erroneous detection. Links to the sites of the developers/companies of all products/tools used used in VirusTotal can be found in the credits and collaboration acknowledgements section.

Having said this, VirusTotal does offer a premium file detection monitoring service (VirusTotal Monitor) that acts as an early warning system about false positives. Files submitted to your premium account are periodically scanned with antivirus' latest signature sets, informing you immediately whenever any product flags any of your files as malicious. Should you be interested in receiving more information on this service do not hesitate to contact us.


Sorry for the big screen shot, very big but imho not aggressive (mostly due to its white colour). I would have preferred ImageShack to give me a smaller forum one (but its upload system based on flash, allowing to upload multiple files and create small pictures, didn't work).
As I wrote in the title, I know it may be a false positive. So, I thought you wasn't informed of that and you perhaps could contact Quickheal/TrendMicro to explain the bug and ask to remove that unwarranted warning.


the windows binaries are built 100% on linux, including qt and all
I would be very surprised they contain a virus


I created this account merely to thank 4Z@Z for his/her post. I too had a "virus detected" and wanted to see if others had found this to be true or whether it was a false positive. My scan on 5/22/2013 had Emsisoft showing Trojan.Win32.Menti!E2 but TrendMicroHouseCall  saying "no threat detected"  (different from 4Z@Z's experience).
So to the programmers, I wish to say thank you and that I admire your coding efforts.