[ SOLVED ] Help with two-pass method please.

Started by Gandalf, July 01, 2013, 10:49:33 PM

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I am using Avidemux 2.5.6, and the problem that I am having is that after I set the video mode on the main screen to "MPEG-2 (mpeg2video)", and Configure setting to "Two pass - average bitrate", I try to save the video file, and immediately two blank windows pop up - and the program freezes.

Any suggestions as to how to go about correcting that problem? And my operating system is Vector Linux 7.0.

Jan Gruuthuse

the 2 info windows popping up probably states:
Quoteincompatible output format
Quotefailed name_of_file not saved correctly
mark a small section [A ][ B] approx 1 minute of video for testing:
You should be able to do it this way:
- Main Menu
- Auto
- Optical Disc: DVD
save the new video.
some combinations do work others not. From container to container the usage of codecs can be stricter.