Help! I have trouble with Avidemux, it is not saving my videos

Started by Avidemux User, July 25, 2013, 12:08:58 pm

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Avidemux User

I am using Avidemux 2.5.3. I go to Avidemux, load a video, cut a few minutes of it.

Then I save it as "Test.avi". What I get is this: 3 different "Test" files. One is "Test" video, the other two are some white word like files that say "Test.AVI01" and "Test.avi02". They are useless and one cannot open them. The "Test" video is supposedly a video - but when I try to play it, it does not play and says it is only half of the running time of the one I wanted (12 minutes instead of 24 minues).

What is the cause of this? Is the Avidemux I am using corrupted or what?


I think you are recording/saving/copying raw video and its being split up in chunks (to stay within FAT32 format limits?).
Try selecting an encoder like MPEG4-asp (XVID) to compress it down. File size will be small (order of a few 100MBs), self contained and ready to play.     

Avidemux User

Can you give me any specific websites where it can be downloaded safe and free?


Avidemux has the encoders already "build in".
So, no need to download anything.
In the dialog window under the name "Video" there is a button from which various encoder options can be selected.
Default is "copy" meaning copying in the original video format.

I think you are trying to cut out a portion of a large uncompressed video file.
But even a 25 minute portion of it will be big, and therefore be split by Avidemux during the copy process.
Avoid this by getting avidemux to compres your video when saving it.
Suggest you use the xvid encoder so the file can be played with a divx/xvid compatible media player (eg the free VLC player).
You will also have to add the extension of .avi to this saved file.

Eg if your saved file was TEST then rename it to TEST.avi OR could also just name the saved file TEST.AVI
There is an avidemux wiki with lots of good information on how to use this program.
check it out at


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