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How to let AD remember certain video/audio settings?

Started by pstein, March 18, 2014, 01:22:37 pm

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Assume I drag & drop a video file onto the Avidemux window.

I want to re-encode it with certain video and audio settings I specified earlier.

Unfortuantely these settings are lost after each exit.

How can I tell Avidemux to load my previously saved parameter set "myparm123"?

Even better Avidemux should automatically rememeber the current video/audio settings and reload them atuomatically at next start (resp  next video loading).

How can I achieve this?



Why do people ask for this?

Endusers almost invariably use this application by loading a new media file, requiring a new set of editing/recoding parameters.
Hence, starting from a sensible default start position is most logical.
It avoids having to track and change back every manipulated but now unwanted setting for each new project.
If this were changed I in turn would be asking for a default start position.

An option to select startup modes would merely add complications that muddy the general ease of operating this application.

If you need to save your setup for a particular media file, then just save the whole thing as a project file.


Quote from: AQUAR on March 19, 2014, 02:39:24 am
Endusers almost invariably use this application by loading a new media file, requiring a new set of editing/recoding parameters.

This exactly is nonsense.

I get for example every month a couple of DigiCam videos which I want to re-encode all with the same target specification.

Others may re-encode 15 separate parts of a TV-video series.

Some other users may want to re-encode all their old DIVX *.avi videos to a (much smaller) H.264 *.mp4
videos all with the SAME spec.

So my guess is that there are more scenarios for applying a fixed user settings parms set than for always new indiviudal ones.

Moreover if YOU prefer to always re-enter new settings. No problem.
But Avidemux authors should offer an option for saving/loading user settings sets for OTHER users.
So its up to everyone how to use AviDemux.
As you said: Users ask for this feature. What do you think why so many ask for it?

Furthermore: Why do other similar programs offer such a save/load option if it would be useless?



The simplest is to save your settings inside a tinyPy project, remove the load and save part
and save that project to your "custom" folder
Then you can drop the file and do custom=>mystuff and you are done


That's just a response that ignores another person's perception, and indeed ignores the advice that this ability is actually available with modicum effort.

Here it is again: use the project feature and taylor it to suit your needs.
If you need an example: check this post from the developer,16140.msg70270.html#msg70270

The tiny phython interpreter built into avidemux gives exactly the kind of flexibility that the OP is screaming for.
IMHO a tick in a box for this feature may delight some, annoy others and even confuse the casual user.

If other video editors take that approach then that may well be fine and fitting for that product and target audience. 
In harmony with that, I didn't say the save/load concept was useless, just that the suggested implementation is not that practical when considering the broad spectrum of endusers.   

PS: I see mean beat me to pointing out the project stuff while I was composing the reply.....


that is what i have done in the past but what is supported i have had issues with such as which scripting engine are working still etc.

making some script have gotten to be a a bit tedious for me these days so i just generaly create a profile for the video encoder
and then manually handle the rest.. like specifiying the audio settings and container.

i went and have re-created some well known groups encoder settings into some profiles for quick access.
and that handles the bulk of settings the rest is really quick to change..
the so called scene groups usually know what their doing i think at least a lot more than i do about advanced detailed encoder settings.
so aside from duplicating what they do i sometimes just change the CRF value on the profile and that's about it it (from the GUI)
what i did to make the profile is load up a collection of different formats and groups videos with MediaInfo and then i switched to text mode
and then i copied out the encoder settings string that gets saved and then i can copy each setting into a saved Avidemux encoder profile like x264 for example..
i often use Beyond Compare after dumping the encoder setting from one group / file to another so i can see what they did different.

uhh anyway lol maybe i gave some people some ideas ?

i do know that when you make a script to batch encode all the videos in a specified folder it's a bitch to cancel it if you need to hahaa


May 23, 2014, 05:50:45 pm #6 Last Edit: May 23, 2014, 06:12:20 pm by brainmux
i saved my settings to a PY-project. Do some changes as posted above and saved it to the MAIN FOLDER of avidemux.

To run the gui with your custom py-script, you have to edit the linkage like this way:  "C:\Program Files\Avidemux\avidemux.exe" --run

It seems to be, that the scripts name hase some restrictions. Not more than 8 letters, no special characters as "_" "-" etc..

Each setting has its own linkage and all work perfect.



You can also run any tinyPy script from the GUI via the contect menu for "Tinypy Project".
File > Tinypy project > Run Project > 'select and execute script'.