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Load files with sequential file names

Started by TimW, July 13, 2014, 05:55:32 PM

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When loading from a directory containing several files with the same properties, Avidemux says, "There are several files with sequential file names.  Should they all be loaded?"  If I answer "Yes" then in fact only one file (the last one) is loaded, rather than all of them.  I was wondering if this is behaviour anyone else has encountered, and whether there is a work-around?



That happens only for images
You should select the image with the smaller number


Thanks, but I'm afraid I don't follow what you mean by "that".  Are you saying:

  • that you would only expect the problem I have noted to manifest itself when trying to load a sequence of sequentially numbered stills (as opposed to movies, meaning you wouldn't expect to see the problem with movies), or;
  • that Avidemux will only load still images sequentially, but not movies, even if they are sequentially numbered and of the same format as each other?
If the latter, I appreciate that movies can be loaded sequentially one at a time using the "Append" function, but this is very time consuming when you have a large number of clips to combine.  Is there a work around?

Jan Gruuthuse

picture sequence should be loaded smallest picture number 1st: 001 if your sequence starts with 001
- work around for video: NO. It loads and indexes in sequence or not.
With some video files the indexing happens only on the 1st part loaded. If times do not match delete the matching "file name" .idx2 . Reload part 1 and append the other parts manual in sequence with [Ctrl][A] (keyboard short cut)


How to switch ON this question panel on the 2.7 version?
Why did I have to take this out?
(in 2.6 working.)


Auto-append in the demuxer for sequentially named files exists only for MPEG-PS and MPEG-TS files which seem to belong to one and the same stream, automatically cut in equal parts 256*2^n MiB in size e.g. by video cameras for TS or as a requirement of DVD standard for PS (.VOB). The editor in Avidemux sees such multiple loads as one big file which is also the purpose of this function.

Sequentially named images (*.jpg, *.png, *.bmp) of identical width and height are a special case. They are presented to the editor in Avidemux by the respective demuxer as video frames at 25 fps.

All other input file types can be appended in the editor (e.g. by drag and drop of a multiple selection out of a file manager) if their properties – at least width and height – match. There is no dialog prompting for that, it wouldn't make much sense IMHO.