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MBAFF involved in x1088 (1920x1080 video) ?

Started by twinsun, May 29, 2015, 02:10:08 pm

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Here is another common 1920x1080 viewed 1088 with AVDM.
Alpes extrait 141213 1080 (AVDM 1088).mp4
5MB, download with arrow on top of screen.

It seems 1088 appends when the video has full vertical stack of MBAFF macroblocks *.
As each macroblock is 16x16, a full stack is 1088.

1- Such a video, just copy edit, will keep the original 1920x1080 in all kind of players, and also will still be opened 1088 with AVDM.
No issue here.

2- But reencoding the video, if someone don't crop at least the 8 bottom lines, will give a 1920x1088 in all players, with the 8 bottom lines hard coded.
An issue here, but not if one crops the bottom.

* If a video as only scattered MBAFF macroblocs in frames, with not any including line 1080, the MBAFF video is AVDM opened regular 1080, afai see.