How compile with nvidia "nvenc" enabled in *ubuntu?

Started by YAFU, October 04, 2015, 03:30:00 PM

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This is the log I get now:

Regarding sdl in Avidemux from git, I do not know if this is because the version. I have installed: libsdl-console-dev (2.1-3)

Do you plan to support nvenc H265 (nvenc_hevc) in Avidemux?

I am very happy to finally have support for encoding with hardware acceleration in Linux. I know nvidia receives much criticism in Linux, but for my nvidia is which gives us better support (Good driver, good OpenCL, OpenGL and GPU acceleration). Instead, Intel gets good criticism, but for my intel is not good in Linux. Intel only provides decent driver for Linux, but about comparing features with Windows, intel is not good in Linux. I'm still trying to get support for Quick Sync on Linux, very confusing and difficult information.


I dont think my video card supports h265
I can do it blindly, but it would most probably not work


I could be beta tester if you are interested. nvenc_hevc is working with ffmpeg in my card.