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Sound problem with Windows media player

Started by Dorsetmike, June 20, 2016, 09:34:24 PM

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I processed about 70 video files shot with a JVC camcorder of dance groups at a Folk Festival, trim start and finish, where necessary, then convert to MP4, they play fine with VLC player but WinMP only the first file has sound.

When uploaded to drop box, they play OK when viewing on line but many of those I share with when they download  only have WinMP so get no sound.

I got round this by closing Avidemux after each file is saved then reopen for the next file. That works but is a bit of a pain in the butt. Files are  between 250MB and 500MB.

Saving as MP4MuxV2, Video - copy, audio AAC(lav) (tried alternative sound formats AAC(lav) seems to work OK)

Another minor niggle, saving  often hangs when it has saved around 80 - 90% worst case I had was over 2 minutes

I'm running Win 7 pro 64bit, Quad core AMD processor. Avidemux 2.6.10 (downloaded 2.6.12 but could only get the 32 bit so using 2.6.10 64bit)

I'll be doing another folk festival this coming weekend, just hope It's something simple!


Just did a quick check using the nightly with 2 files sound appears to be OK, I did notice one did hang for a while (at 89%) on saving but not as bad as it was, however I should have a load of new files at the weekend.

Will report back again after that session.