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Translation Ukrainian

Started by Oleh, September 22, 2020, 07:01:41 AM

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In Ukrainian "star search" is translated not very clearly needs a synonym for star.


I think, this explanation might help in finding a suitable description.



As mentioned earlier, there have been some changes to the configuration dialog of the x265 video encoder plugin. The vanished strings have been removed from the code. There haven't been any Windows nightly builds which would include these changes yet.


I corrected the mistakes and updated the translation.

I did not know in which branch to submit it. See image


Thank you for the update!

@@ -12046,7 +12048,7 @@ If it is a system profile it will be recreated next time.</source>
        <location line="-1107"/>
        <source>Maximum Constant Rate Factor</source>
-        <translation>Фактор максимальної постійної частоти</translation>
+        <translation>Максимально-постійний коефіцієнт швидкості</translation>
        <location line="+2185"/>

Maximum CRF means here forcing the lower bound on quality (higher CRF = worse quality), Google suggests "Максимальне значення коефіцієнта якості". I don't know what particular use case was targeted by this combo box, probably the member "rfConstantMax" of the "rc" struct (in x265.h header), but it is not implemented, always disabled and thus does nothing (very confusing, indeed).

You screenshot depicts an old build of Avidemux (probably the 2.7.6 release). All translation work should be validated against the latest git master. There are no official nightly builds ATM which would reflect the recent updates to the x265 encoder plugin, but for other parts of the application, the latest build (currently from 2020-10-01) is mostly usable for validation.

Doing translation on Linux would make setup of all necessary tools and following the development almost trivially easy and remove dependency on supply of official nightlies.

The issue with (no) refresh of application window might be a bug in recent Qt versions on Windows (I don't experience it on Linux or on macOS), still hoping for a magical fix by a future Qt update before starting to look for a workaround.




The proper way to contribute translations is to open a pull request on GitHub for If this is not feasible for you for some reasons, could you please zip the updated avidemux_uk.ts and attach it to your post instead?

It would be also lovely if you (minimally) introduce yourself rather than silently posting a link, thank you.