Stuttering Audio - MP4 - (newbie to video edition & Avidemux)

Started by spim, October 16, 2016, 01:07:32 pm

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Running Avidemux 2.5.4 on Lubuntu 14.10 LTS.

Made MP4 video of soccer game using Samsung S4 (Android)

When played on VLC Media Player, sound is fine
When played on Avidemux, sound stutters and is incomprehensible.

When loading MP4, get message "H.264 detected .... Cancel or use Safe Mode"
Doesn't matter which option is selected, audio stutters.

All I want to do is cut parts of video that are interesting.
But it's nice to have background audio such as referee whistles, crowd cheers etc.

What do I need to look at ?
What are my options ?

Cannot download - Smallest file is 43Mb

Absolute newbie here any tutorial suggestions also appreciated.


Avidemux 2.5.x is long dead, alongside Lubuntu 14.10, please use the current git (well, if you build yourself, I'd recommend not to have libva-dev package installed for now). If you cannot build Avidemux yourself, and your computer is running a 64 bit Linux, you could give appImage a try.

But 2.5.x is dead, completely.


Are you trying to say that this was a problem solved with the change from 2.5.4 to 2.6 ?
Or maybe it's a problem with Lubuntu 14.10 ?

If that is not what you are saying, then I really don't see what the point of your comment was with regards to the cause of the problem.


Quote from: spim on October 16, 2016, 03:24:26 pm
Are you trying to say that this was a problem solved with the change from 2.5.4 to 2.6 ?

While I can't tell for sure if this particular problem was solved because I have no access to samples you are trying to edit, I can guarantee that if anything doesn't work in 2.5.x, you are entirely on your own. If the same issue exists in current git or at least in 2.6.14 release, effort will be made to fix it ASAP.

QuoteOr maybe it's a problem with Lubuntu 14.10 ?

14.10 (which is not an LTS release, 14.04 is) is a separate issue if you decide to build Avidemux from source because it is EOL since July 23, 2015 which implies that not only no security and feature updates are provided but also that the repositories get moved to If Avidemux doesn't build on 14.10, nobody will care.


By the way, it would be helpful if you provide the output of ffprobe (in *ubuntu it might be called avprobe due to Ubuntu following Debian in temporarily adopting the libav fork of ffmpeg) for the files in question. If it happens that the audio is big-endian LPCM, this won't work even with the current git, but it is very easy to convert into little-endian LPCM in a lossless way with ffmpeg (avconv in libav).

avprobe belongs to the libav-tools package. Please mind that the repositories for 14.10 have been moved to archive in case you have to install it first.