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No (more ?) portable zip Windows package for Avidemux v2.6.18?

Started by pstein, January 09, 2017, 12:07:36 pm

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I am confused.
As far as I remember there was always a portable, zip package available for Avidemux (windows) download at

Now I find only Installer packages.
Why are there no more portable/Zip Windows packages for download?



This topic was raised before.
IIRC, the answer from Mean was that this is due to a lack of time.

You can extract the files from the installer though using something like universal extractor.
Place these files in any folder you like and rename avidemux.exe to avidemux_portable.exe (constraining all application data to this folder).

Just a caveat - not done this lately myself, so hopefully this process still works.

The nightlies offer zipped versions of ADM - why not try these instead.

Jan Gruuthuse


Ok, thank you.

Is the release of a portable version only postponed?

Or will there never be a portable version again (in the near future)?

Jan Gruuthuse

No idea, only developer can tell.
Install portable avidemux 2.6.15 on USB and try method as suggested by AQUAR.
Perhaps will update to new releases?