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How to load/save edits to EDL file?


In searching through the online docs I found a page that describes functions in the UI to save EDL files. The link is http://avidemux.sourceforge.net/doc/en/capture2SVCD.xml.html.

The items "save edit list" and "load edit list" are not in the Edit menu of the current version (I'm using the 64-bit Windows build). Has this functionality been removed?

I'm too new to Avidemux to know anything about EDL files ;D
You can use project scripts (in the file menu) for a similar functionality.

Understood about project scripts - I use them myself. I would like EDLs to facilitate moving edits between avidemux and NLEs.

Have you tried any other versions of avidemux for windows that saves an EDL file?
I think itll be a very interesting workflow to shortlist and trim clips and later -> save as EDL -> import to davinci resolve/ fcp / Premiere Pro and continue editing and grading.


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