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Better timeline / cut management
« on: May 24, 2017, 10:17:06 AM »
Hi there,
for complex cutting, eg half a dozen of commercial blocks from a recording or creating a sampler from various source files I still have to use another video editor because of its better handling of cuts. (The other program is named Cuttermaran and is fairly old and abandoned...)

My idea / wish for ADM would be kind of Cuttermaran's cut handling - basically it's just a graphic representation of the cuts, ie all the adm.addSegment(...) entries from the in-memory script when editing with some big advantages:
  • See exactly how many cuts at which times you have
  • ability to edit those cuts again <> edit the [A;B[ markers of a cut
  • ability to edit/ delete a single segement without resetting all other edits (without the makeshift solution of saving, editing & reloading a script)
  • rearrange the cuts <> added segments
  • easily jump to cut in/out points  of a segment

I know it's some work to do, but it would make editing with ADM a lot more comfortable.

See the attached screenshot from Cuttermaran for an idea how it looks (example is with one source file only, but it works fine with more of them, too.
On top is the main timeline, below is an interactive table with the individual cuts.
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