Author Topic: possible bug when using Change FPS for videos with more that 200 fps  (Read 559 times)


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Using avidemux 2.7.0  on windows or ubuntu.

I created slow-mo videos with a samsung galaxy s8 phone at 267.094 fps( fps might differ).

When using the avidemux app to change the fps to 30 or any fps below the original one to create the slow mo effect, I can't select the correct source fps   in Filters->Change FPS -> Source FPS , it is impossible to enter a value above 200. Even if I let the value to be 200, and I Save as .. I get the error " Too Short, The Video has been saved but seems to be incomplete"( after no render time). When looking at the video is clear that no frame data is written.

Is this a known limitation ? as I did not see this problem discussed when looking in google. However anyone that will use this functionality should get this error.

Thank you.


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Yes, currently the plugin is restricted to 200 FPS max:

AFAIR Avidemux itself has 2000 FPS as the upper limit.

On Ubuntu, it is trivial to build Avidemux from source. Apply the following patch

Code: [Select]
diff --git a/avidemux_plugins/ADM_videoFilters6/changeFps/changeFps.cpp b/avidemux_plugins/ADM_videoFilters6/changeFps/changeFps.cpp
index f454cfdd..285c613b 100644
--- a/avidemux_plugins/ADM_videoFilters6/changeFps/changeFps.cpp
+++ b/avidemux_plugins/ADM_videoFilters6/changeFps/changeFps.cpp
@@ -217,12 +217,12 @@ ADM_assert(nbPredefined == 6);
     diaElemMenu mFps(&(configuration.oldMode),   QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("changeFps","Source Fps:"), 6,tFps);
-    diaElemFloat fps(&oldFrac,QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("changeFps","Source frame rate:"),1,200.);
+    diaElemFloat fps(&oldFrac,QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("changeFps","Source frame rate:"),1,400.);,1,&fps); // only activate entry in custom mode
     diaElemMenu targetmFps(&(configuration.newMode),   QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("changeFps","Destination Fps:"), 6,tFps);
-    diaElemFloat targetfps(&newFrac,QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("changeFps","Destination frame rate:"),1,200.);
+    diaElemFloat targetfps(&newFrac,QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("changeFps","Destination frame rate:"),1,400.);,1,&targetfps); // only activate entry in custom mode

to double the max FPS allowed by the plugin.
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Great, thank you !

I will try that