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append several files

Started by remigio, January 29, 2019, 12:13:07 pm

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I'm new in using Avidemux.
I have to merge several video clips sotred in many separated directory, each of them contains at least 100 files.
I tried using the file/append command but it make me crazy and takes very long time  and lots of errors. Moreover I can't select all files and drop them into Avidemux.
Is there a simple way to append all files in a directory?
Thanks a lot and regards


Quote from: remigio on January 29, 2019, 12:13:07 pm
Moreover I can't select all files and drop them into Avidemux.

Why not? This would be exactly the way to accomplish this task. Are filenames non-sequencial so that the order when appended is wrong?

BG Davis

From your answer, I infer that an entire folder could be appended with one action, but only if all files had sequential names or numbers, (and were all the same dimensions), regardless of file type (png, jpg, mp4, etc.).  Is this correct?


The question is how the files are sorted and how the particular file manager or desktop environment handles ordering of files on a drag'n'drop operation. I am not sure how it would work in reality. Yes, you can append all videos in a folder in one go if they match, but will they be sorted correctly?

The file type doesn't matter as far as there is a demuxer for that and a decoder for the codec.

Obviously, if a picture should be appended to a video, the video may not have an audio track (the number and the properties of each audio track of all reference videos must perfectly match).

BG Davis