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Video layers

Started by dirtybugs2, July 07, 2019, 06:27:50 pm

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Not even really sure how to ask the question -

Is it possible to use layers like in photoshop, and then blend the layers via Opacity with Avidemux - Or is there another way to do this with videos.

Maybe have to extract individual frames as jpg then do it using some other program


The effect im looking for is the same video on top of each other 3 times, but each starting at a slight time off set.

Ultimately, im looking to create something similar to the shaking head effect that was used in the movie Jacob's Ladder.

Maybe im going about it all wrong ?


The task is completely off-limits for a humble simple tool like Avidemux. Saving the video as set of images in Avidemux and manually editing them in an image editor in order to encode all of them again as a (short) video would be possible but extremely time-consuming.


Thx for the reply - I luv avidemux. At least i can use it for the initial clips.

I can do it in primiere I think (As much as I dislike Premiere)

Was hoping i was just missing something in avidemux


Well I was able to get my original issue solved using a different program - But Ive downloaded 5 other full editing programs, and I can attest to the fact that everyone of them SUCK for editing compared to avidemux -

And they all render like slugs.

Just a plug for avidemux :D

Would be nice to see maybe an expansion to this project to a full editing system - Yes I know its a lot of work