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Appending taking forever

Started by reachout, August 23, 2019, 09:54:21 pm

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Hi, I had 39 segments of an avi file, each one lasting about 3 minutes, in total combining to roughly 1hr45 minutes. I began the appending process, and set the file to output as an mp4. At first it said it would take 25 minutes (I think the phase said 'Encoding'), then the Phase changed to say 'Saving' and the estimated time went up to 200 hours, bouncing between that, 800 and over 1000 hours (Sometimes it goes down to 'a few seconds'). At first I thought it must be some mistake, but it's been about 2 hours now and there's no sign of the process finishing, so I'm wondering, will this actually take 1000 hours (several months), and if so, is there any way I can append this file in less than an hour or two, and in less space than 40GB?

On the advanced tab, it says that over 4.5 million frames have been processed, this would add up to several hours worth of footage at 25 fps, but the total file should only be about 1hr 45m.

Thank you for any help.


Please force close Avidemux, then compress (zip or 7z) and attach admlog.txt from %localappdata%\avidemux to your reply. If the file is too big even when compressed, please upload it e.g. to WeTransfer (no email address required!), Mega, Dropbox or Google Drive.