Author Topic: vob conversion problem with avidemux 2 7 5, ok with old version 2 5 6 1  (Read 211 times)


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i tried to convert a video from vob format to mpeg but had a curious problem that i could not solve with 2 7 5. The mpeg video from the conversion seemed to be normal.
The vob video length is 1h23mn and the size about 2906 mo ( more informations in the mediainfo file herewith). I have windows 7-64.
When converting vob i often had video/ audio delay problem and the solution is simple by adjusting  the delay option. But this time the mpeg seemed ok (and that is the problem!).
The problem was when i tried to do an iso file. to do that i use avstodvd because i need a disc menu ( several videos ). Avstodvd displayed 2 errors messages before indexing the video: ''abnormal audio delay'' and ''cannot detect duration'' ; however i could make the iso but when playing it (vlc player) the title played had an audio-video delay starting from 0 s and increasing during the play to about 2s late at the end (video length 1h23mn).
For me this problem was very difficult to solve because the mpeg source video is played without error on the pc! I do not remember to have had that problem in the past,  to have a bad iso with a good mpeg,  even with vob's.
I made many tests with 2 7 5 without success. I do not find often Vob files and i think  it is the first vob i tried with 2 7 5. So i did as before:  with 2 5 6... AND THE ISO WAS OK!
As test i did also: put the mpeg from 2 7 5 to iso file with Isoworkshop: the play was normal!
so i feel a few lost in conversions!
May be a problem with AVStodvd ( i use hcencoder 2 pass)? May be... But why no problem with avidemux 2 5 6 1?
May be there is a set up to do in 2 7 5 for vob files? I will look if it will be the same problem if i have to convert again a vob.
Has somebody an explanation?
herewith are :
1 partial admlog vob to mpg 2 7 5 (i have cut a part in the file txt to reduce the size)
2 vob mediainfo
3 project record 2 5 6 1 (could not find admlog in 2 5 6 1)
Thank you for attention.


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Re: vob conversion problem with avidemux 2 7 5, ok with old version 2 5 6 1
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2019, 10:36:32 AM »
What is the reason that you re-encoded the video? To blacken borders? What should the combination of resize + addblack have accomplished? Counteract overscan on an ancient TV?

VOB is MPEG (MPEG-2), i.e. copy mode when cutting is necessary and leave as-is if the duration is OK.

Avstodvd displayed 2 errors messages before indexing the video: ''abnormal audio delay''

Indeed, the PTS-DTS delta (which Avidemux preserves) in the source video is quite high (1 second) and for a video stream without B-frames unnecessary.

I hear for the first time about Avstodvd, Isoworkshop and hcencoder while Avidemux 2.5.x has vanished in the distant past.


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Re: vob conversion problem with avidemux 2 7 5, ok with old version 2 5 6 1
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2019, 05:39:40 PM »
Thank you for looking at my problem.
I need to reencode to get an iso to make a dvd . i watch only on tv with dvd player. Yes that vob is just pal format and could be put directly in avstodvd (it makes the dvd menu and the iso), but the tv's often do overscan and on my tv a small part at borders are lost. i tried to reduce the overscan but that was not enough so i prefer put black borders on all my videos, even if the picture is a little bit smaller. And avidemux does very well the black borders. Sometimes, yes, i have problem to set the right borders values because video dimensions on the web a very various. But i have noted what borders are corresponding to what dimensions. However sometimes i need to do 2 or 3 tests...   I dont know how old is my tv. maybe 10 years. i will look at the model on the web...
other reason is my dvd's are all in same dimension so i have not to jump each time from 4/3 to 16/9 or other.
And also a dvd can be played on all dvd players but video files not on all tv because i think there are so many codecs, audio and video formats.
Avstodvd is a free dvd builder i am using maybe since 10 years or more. It begins to indexing the video with DGindex (sub program?)and reencodes with HCencoder 2 pass. An advantage (for me!) is dvd are limited to 4.7 Go and with  avstodvd it is possible to write more than 4.7 go (e g if the mpeg file is 5Go). but there is no miracle! It only reduces the bitrate!
Isoworkshop makes an iso from a video file, maybe it is possible tu put that iso on a dvd for tv (with probably format problem if the video is not pal) but there will not be any menu on the dvd. I think imgburn is also able to do the same as Isowokshop but i did not think about it...

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