Author Topic: avidemux does not open avi xvid, ok with another converter. Also small jerkiness  (Read 277 times)


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1.error messages when opening the video file with avidemux 2 7 5: ''opening jura.avi failed ,not possible to open file''. It is an avi file ( mpg4 xvid, 720x360, 23,976fps, 2 hrs 4mn , 1868 mo). More details in file ''1 original mediainfo'' herewith. So totally hopeless with avidemux! I am with windows 7 64.
2. The solution was to try a not avidemx converter. And then there was no problem. I converted the avi to an other avi with same parameters ( 720x360, mpg4/xvid, 2 pass encoding, same audio). As i should not do advertising for not avidemux converters on the avidemux forum (i suppose) i do not give the other converter's name. However you will find that in file title of a 2mn sample video made with avidemux from the ''repaired 2mn'' avi made by the other converter. See link
3. After trying to open original avi i copied the admlog: ''2 admlog original avidemux 275 ''
4. Herewith the admlog for the repaired avi: ''3 admlog repaired''.
Has somebody an explanation to the problem?
Also, if you look the 2 mn sample you will see the video is not quite fluid. Maybe it was also in the source video so i think there is no medicine for that?
But maybe there is a solution for that jerkiness?
Thank you for your attention.
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According to the first admlog.txt, the original avi file lacks index required for Avidemux to be able to load it.

Instead of re-encoding you should have tried remuxing the original file in stream copy mode with good old mencoder.

To evaluate options to support such AVIs in Avidemux, a sample video (1,8 GiB is still within limits* of WeTransfer) would be essential. Please use WeTransfer (best), Mega, Dropbox or Google Drive to provide samples.

*) However, I don't think I'll have time for this work in the course of month or two. Additionally, I am not sure it is important enough to delay work on topics like VP9 encoding and AV1 decoding support, supporting raw DTS streams as external audio, full (direct) HW accel. on Windows, better (maybe even full?) HW accel on macOS, transition away from OpenGL to Metal as renderer in macOS, 24 bits audio etc. just to name a few big topics.
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