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Hi. I'm looking for some help. I imported a video file in Avidemux (2.7.5 instaled on winndows 10) and the sound is not detected (0 track are showing). I post the mediainfo detail about the sound track. Do i miss some codec or plugin in avidemux to display this track ? Ty for the answers, have a good day :)

Could you please provide a sample via WeTransfer, Mega, Dropbox, Google Drive or an equivalent service?

Yes ofc. Here you have a 16s sample of the video :  (Google drive)

Thank you, should be fixed by [demuxers/MpegTS] Add ES type for DTS XLL.

Ty for your answer eumagga  but now i feel a little ashamed. i have literally no clue of what i have to do with the github  link your give me :p. Should i find a specific file and make the same changes your done ? or is there some download to do ?


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