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Regarding commercial use

Started by heansuh, October 07, 2019, 12:54:00 AM

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently working at a marketing department, and I would like to use of avidemux in my company. It has been great for me to use avidemux as a video editing software.

I couldn't find the best place to ask, so that's why I am asking here in the forum.

May I know if it is possible for me to use it for commercial purposes?

To specify, all I would like to do is just to make sure that the original video clip is cropped or resized, that is fit for posting on Instagram or other SNS platforms.

Not so good at T&C stuffs... Thanks a lot :)


I am not a lawyer either, but Avidemux is GPLv2, so no restrictions regarding use (redistribution and especially redistribution of modified versions is a different story).


The content produced by avidemux is yours, and yours only
You may only have issue with some restricted codecs such as H264/H265/AAC which *may*  require royalties from their owners under some circumstances
But if it is light usage normally there is no problem